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Portfolio - Online Classifieds Website is an online classifieds website which was designed solely for the MENA regions. specialises in seven categories; enabling users to post their cars, bikes, boats, watches, real estate, art and cameras. Once posted, our bi-lingual system makes the item available online in both English and Arabic.

Here are some of the features which make the most feature-rich on-line classifieds:

  • Specifically designed sections custom built to make publishing or finding an item very easy.
  • Site wide search for any item that has been published.
  • Keyword search suggestion tool.
  • Video help.
  • Completely bi-lingual front-end and back-end.
  • Google maps API integration.
  • Notification service.
  • User comments.
  • Messaging Services.
  • Instant advanced search options.
  • Payment Gateway integration.
  • RSS feeds.
  • Twitter and Facebook integration.
  • Instaweb and Instafeed integration.
  • We used open standards.

We have used cutting-edge technologies and design considerations in implementing, to ensure that it is as user-friendly and quick as possible. Our in-house programmers are constantly improving the codebase to provide better usability, stability, scalability and performance.

Our aim with is to have the largest listings of cars, bikes, boats, watches, real estate and art in the MENA region, for the purpose of being the first and only place to look for an item falling under one of our target categories.

10th Middle East H.O.G Rally

This system was designed and developed to provide a simple means for H.O.G members worldwide to register and pay for the 10th Middle East H.O.G. Rally event, which was held on November 22nd 2009.

As well as the usual information about the event, it was the first time ever a regional H.O.G. Rally website had the following features:

  • Google maps integration to guide attendees to facilities near the event site.
  • Online registration for the events.
  • Online events selection.
  • Online payments for the registration.
  • Separate interfaces for the site visitors, these included: local bike dealership, event organizers, visitors, and road captains.
  • Built-in and downloadable reporting tools that helped the organizers and road captains keep track of all the attendees. The tools provided detailed information on attendance for the various rides and events that were taking place.
  • SMS integration
Bahrain International Circuit's 2011 Online F1 Campaign

For the very first time, the Bahrain International Circuit has decided to add online advertising and social media to their yearly Formula 1 marketing plan.

The 'Fuel Your Passion' online campaign included pay-per-click advertising, blog management, micro-blogging, social news, social bookmarking, photo and video sharing, Facebook competitions, polls and quizzes.

The campaign was a great success, delivering tens of thousands of social media interactions and visits from over 25 countries over the course of 9 days. Ultimately increasing exposure, publicity and traffic to the website.

Royal Caribbean Arabia's Social Media Launch Campaign

ADS has been invited to develop a social media strategy for three very exciting brands: Royal Caribbean, Celebrity X Cruises and Azamara Club Cruises.

The regional representative for the three brands, which all of course have huge global marketing and advertising activities, have taken the next step and launched their social media footprint.

At ADS, our team of social media experts, worked on setting up the social media platform and delivered training to RCA's team which included online advertising, blog management, micro-blogging, social news and bookmarking, photo and video sharing, sweepstakes competitions and other social media tips.

Due to launch this summer, we look forward to the campaign's success and buzz it creates.

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